Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Traveler

A traveler named Pedro has grown up in an unhappy home. Since his youth he’s been searching for happiness. By the time he reaches middle age he has read many books, traveled to places where people speak foreign tongues, kept hobbies, had girl friends, worked desk and labor jobs, learned spiritual teachings, and had psychological counseling. All these thing bring him joy, or relieve him from blues in some ways. But he is still searching, because the happiness he encounters always vanishes quickly.

One day Pedro takes a walk alone in a hilly park that has a trout creek running through it. Hiking in a tree-lined trail he begins to think about a story. In that story a British anthropologist watched a Balinese artist make a traditional painting. It took a long time to do because a traditional painting had many steps. The anthropologist saw and knew what the artist was expressing. It’s not only what’s visible on the painting. The visible part was just a skin of the artist’s creation. Suddenly Pedro senses something invisible. The happiness he’s been seeking has been a series of his imagination, a fancy cloud that changes shape and comes and goes in his mind. Then it strikes him - mind is interactive memories. He chuckles and claps his hands at this idea. Happiness is a projection of memories. His grin grows a little wider. It may just open a new door to knowing his own mind.

Willow Creek, Trout Creek Mountains, Oregon

That night while sleeping Pedro has a dream. He finds himself in a building, with corridors of stone walls. It’s an ancient castle full of silence. He walks into a library room that has many very old books. He picks out one. The title says “Two Proofs of Fermat’s Last Theorem.” Pedro’s eyes open wide. What’s this? A million dollars jackpot? He tries to remember. Some years ago a mathematical society put up a huge reward for anyone who could prove or disprove Fermat’s Last Theorem, and it got many mathematicians talking. But no one seemed to have come forward. If so then this book is a real treasure! Pedro walks around excitedly, taking out another book to see what’s inside. The cover shows “The Mind - What It Is and How It Works. By G. Bateson and R. van Gulik.” Pedro feels surprised. Has the mystery of mind already been solved? He slowly turns the page to read it. Just then he wakes up.